boots-mayo-3Prepare – make sure you wear the correct type of socks or tights when you go shopping for your boots!!

If you are tall go for a boot that comes up higher on the ankle as this will break up your long legs, and stop you looking like a giraffe! On the other hand, if you have short legs, opt for a boot that stops lower and go for a colour that blends with your trousers or tights, as opposed to ones that contrasts… these will chop you up and make your legs look shorter.

Wedge boots are a great option for shorter people looking for a casual everyday boot. As well as being comfy and adding height, they also go well with jeans and dresses.

If you have big feet, go for styles with details like buckles and laces as they break up the length, brogue styles and two toned boots are ideal… plain flat boots are a no no as they just make your feet look bigger. Trust me, I know being a 41… Heels are also great for shortening a longer foot. I also wear these despite been shy of 5.11…

If you’ve got thick ankles, go for a pair of boots that are loose at the ankle and end at he slimmest part of the ankle… this gives the illusion of your legs looking slimmer. We all want our pins to look sexy in our boots!!

If you suffer from cod feet, go for a boot with plenty of wiggle room at the toe area, tight shoes cut off circulation!! Fur linings and thick rubber soles are great for absorbing cold and keeping your feet nice and cosy.

If you plan to be outdoors go for a boot that has a Tex on the label… people often presume that all boots are waterproof but this is not the case!!

I hope these tips helpful and remember we at Parsons Shoes are here to give advice at any time!!