1. Always spray new shoes with a protector spray whether they are leather, suede or synthetic as this will provide a barrier for stains etc and will help prolong the life of your shoes…nothing worse than spilling a glass of red wine on your new shoes maiden voyage!!

  2. Try not wear the same shoes every day, allow your shoes time to breathe… shoes absorb moisture from your feet so allow them to dry out and hold their shape…another good reason to buy new shoes!!!

  3. If you buy synthetic shoes and find they get smelly, place a dry teabag in them to absorb any nasty odours!!

  4. This leads me to another problem which is a common cause of smelly shoes and that is smelly socks. Cheap synthetic socks are a NO NO…Always invest in good quality socks ….personally i’d rather own 3 pairs of good ones than a drawer full of stinkers!!

  5. To Keep your leather shoes in good condition, treat them like a skin, if they get dirty use a bit of saddle soap to clean them. If you don’t own saddle soap, try a bit of skin cleanser or a face wipe!! Polish is a great moisturizer and keeps your shoes soft and supple….nobody wants dry cracked shoes or skin!!

  6. For synthetics, I personally find fairy liquid and an old toothbrush great for cleaning them up. For tough stubborn stains, try nail varnish remover but first test it on a hidden area of the shoe to avoid a bad reaction!!

  7. For cleaning suede my fail safe way is to place a small amount of water in a kettle, leave the lid open and bring to the boil, hold your suede shoe over the kettle and allow the steam to work through the suede. Leave them aside and when they’re almost dry, brush with a suede brush against the nap! If this sounds like hard work, we also sell a commercial suede cleaner and you do what it says on the tin!!!


So there’s a few tips on looking after your shoes…If you have any questions in relation  to this topic feel free to contact us at any stage, after all we have over 80 years experience!!!